Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Through a cell phone, fuzzily

breathy rushing

sibilance a spangling

when wind flips green

jingles shiny

to matte back

and forth


out from
fluent friction
jets sundering

air, weedy

death rustles

managed river’s

church whisper

dog’s lolling rasp

humus crush
under spent

Ann Elliott Sherman©2009

Be careful what you ask for, indeed

Having posed as a quasi-savant in terms of opening certain file types, I decided that perhaps it was time for me to leave my own private Never-Land and attempt to create a blog for my email newsletter, The Monkey's Paw. I really should be doing more practical things, like getting our home loan modified or pinch hitting on a shutter sales call. Consider my virgin post a huge caveat, and yet another example of the dangers of wielding the Paw.